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    1. Server: https://discord.gg/6NcJ2f72Wq Revenant Account: Comes with registered email or is unregistered! Zulrah: Unregistered email Regicide completed Mules: Unregistered email Between 10-15 QP 400 TTL+ 82 Fishers: Unregistered email 82 Fishing 60 Melees + 43+ Prayer Unregistered email 60+ melees 43+ prayer Contact: Server: https://discord.gg/6NcJ2f72Wq Discord:Robin#8888 UID:282222812289171456 TOS:
    2. Howdy Everybody! https://discord.gg/GxEYJPVddv CoinMan#9594 UID: 792584719640428584 CoinManCoffer is currently selling 250-TTL Trade Unrestricted Accounts✔ Accounts are Botted on Residential U.S. IP's and then rested for up to a week & checked for bans/locks.✔ Accounts are registered to my email, will be registered to customer's upon successful payment.✔ Payment Methods: 07 GP | BTC Price: $1.5 BTC | 5m OSRS CoinManCoffer Is also offering 500-TTL Trade-Ready MULE Accounts✔Accounts are Botted on Residential U.S. IP's and then rested for up to a week & checked for bans/locks.✔ Accounts are registered to my email, will be registered to customer's upon successful payment.✔ Payment Methods: 07 GP | BTC Price: $1.5 BTC | 15m OSRS T.O.S. (1) All Sales Final - No refunds post sale (Refer to (4)). (2) CMC is not responsible for post-sale bans after 15 minutes post-sale. (3) Account will only be registered to customer's email after successful payment (If the account is registered, if unregistered will be in description). (4) 15 Minute window post-sale is allowed for checking accounts to make sure no bans have occurred, during this 15 minutes accounts will be replaced/refunded depending on stock quantity.
    3. I am selling Tutorial Island Accounts, 40-40-40 Melee, 60-60-60 Melee, 50-50-50 Melee, and new accounts daily! Come check us out at: https://discord.gg/4A4ETwvXmS https://natever.mysellix.io/ All accounts are unregistered and rested! Tutorial Island Accounts US Based Accounts Created on private residential ips Unregistered emails Rested for a minimum of 7 days before being checked Randomized appearances $0.20 each 40-40-40 Melee Accounts Custom realistic usernames Custom realistic outfits Created on private residential ips Rested for a minimum of 7-14 days before sale $1.10 each 50-50-50 Melee Accounts Custom realistic usernames Custom realistic outfits Created on private residential ips Rested for a minimum of 7-14 days before sale $2.20 each 60-60-60 Melee Accounts Custom realistic usernames Custom realistic outfits Created on private residential ips Rested for a minimum of 7-14 days before sale 10 QP Included $3.30 each By placing any orders for accounts you confirm you have read, understand and agree to the following Terms of Service. TOS Changes These terms of service can be updated at any time and will apply to all orders placed prior to the last TOS edit date. We do not notify when we make TOS changes, so it is your responsibility to review before placing any orders. Last edited: March 14, 2023 Refunds This is a digital product and therefore we do not provide refunds under any circumstances. Replacements are only provided for banned accounts reported within a timeframe (outlined below). Account bans Accounts are checked automatically for bans prior to sale. Under vary rare circumstances may you receive an account that has been already banned. After receiving your list of accounts you will have 3 hours to check through them and report any bans. Banned accounts reported within this 3 hour timeframe will be replaced, no questions asked. Banned accounts reported outside of this timeframe will not be replaced, this includes delayed or chain bans. (If an account is banned on the same day or prior to your order date, we will always replace these, assuming you can provide proof for each account, e.g. a screenshot of the ban page + a copy of each login affected). Account locks Accounts are checked automatically for locks prior to sale. You will never receive an account that has been locked. To minimize chance of account locks, we recommend using a residential/ISP quality IP address from the same country that the account was created in. We do not provide replacements for any locked accounts under any circumstances.
    4. Accounts for sale Air orb ready Starter accounts Nmz ready 300 Totals+ Winter todt ready Random accounts Discord invite below: :
    5. looking for someone to train your fresh accounts? i can do skilling jobs an questing on HCIM & ironmen also normal accounts skill training all by hand.. hit me on discord - Nerfed#9116
    6. Hello, Currently I am making new fresh accounts. All accounts need to do the tutorial island still. I am curious if there is a market for these accounts and if so I would be happy to know. max 100 accounts (this will go towards 1000+ in future if there is a market). Prices are debatable message me on discord for more info: TPX#1974 Kinds Regards M
    7. Thought some of you might find this useful, here's a slightly less bot-like random username generator. I threw it together real quick with just a random assortment of common partial usernames (Blade, Iron, Pure, etc). They ain't great names but they're sure as shit better than what I've been seeing in game. You'll definitely run into names that have already been taken by other players but at least you're not using names like 31223131133 It generates names 8 to 12 characters in length, changes the variable "nameLen" should you want a different length. private String generateUsername() { String[] names = {"420", "Bane", "Bear", "Behemoth", "Big", "Black", "Blade", "Bleed", "Blood", "Blow", "Boar", "Boi", "Bolt", "Boulder", "Boy", "Break", "Brow", "Challenger", "Chaser", "Colossal", "Colossus", "Corrupter", "Crow", "Danger", "Dark", "Dead", "pelt", "Death", "Deceiver", "Die", "Dire", "Doom", "Dragon", "Dwarf", "Dwarven", "Fang", "Fierce", "Fist", "Flurry", "Freak", "Fury", "Fuse", "Giant", "Girl", "Gold", "Great", "Grim", "Grotesque", "Guthix", "Hallow", "Helm", "Hit", "Hollow", "Homie", "Hunter", "Insane", "Invincible", "Iron", "Ironfist", "Ironman", "Kill", "Killa", "Lion", "Lone", "Mammoth", "Man", "Mane", "Me", "Might", "Mighty", "Mithril", "Molten", "Myth", "Mythic", "Night", "Night", "owl", "One", "PK", "Paragon", "Pelt", "Poison", "Proud", "Pur3", "Pure", "Rage", "Raven", "Rebel", "Rock", "Rumble", "Savage", "Scar", "Sexy", "Shade", "Shield", "Shout", "Silent", "Silver", "Sk1ll", "Skill", "Skull", "Slayer", "Spirit", "Spook", "Steel", "Storm", "Stout", "Strong", "Swift", "Tempest", "The", "Thirst", "Thunder", "Tower", "True", "Voidmane", "White", "Wild", "Wildfist", "Wolf", "Zam", "Zammy", "Zero", "_", "axe", "bolt", "bow", "bronze", "brow", "chaser", "cleaver", "cold", "earth", "fang", "fierce", "fire", "flayer", "gaze", "hero", "hot", "ice", "killa", "knight", "mage", "man", "metal", "might", "rage", "scar", "snarl", "song", "sorrow", "stride", "strike", "strong", "sword", "sworn", "thorn", "throw", "tongue", "warrior", "wind", "wizard", "xX", "xox", "xxx"}; int nameCount = Calculations.random(2, 3), nameLen = Calculations.random(8, 12); String name = ""; for (int i = 0; i < nameCount; i++) { String tmpName = names[Calculations.random(0, names.length - 1)]; switch (Calculations.random(0, 4)) { case 0: tmpName = tmpName.toLowerCase(); break; case 1: tmpName = tmpName.toUpperCase(); break; case 2 - 3: tmpName = toTitleCase(tmpName); break; } if (name.length() + tmpName.length() <= nameLen) { name += tmpName; } else { String tmprName; if (Calculations.random(0, 1) == 1) { tmprName = (name + tmpName).substring(0, nameLen); } else { int r = Calculations.random(9, nameLen); tmprName = (name + tmpName).substring(0, r); for (int ri = r; ri < 12; ri++) { if (Calculations.random(0, 1) == 1) { tmprName += Calculations.random(0, 9); } else { tmprName = Calculations.random(0, 9) + tmprName; } } } name = tmprName; } } return name; } Sample names: STRONGsnarl DoomBleed brow420 stormSteelF4 FuryNight STOUTSTRIDE 141Bould Goldmanwind BLADEkil 7711mageSi98 78Hunterg bleedmage chaserTheI GOLDChase blackgirlHo Rebelsk1l baneSONG 2Challenge99 WILDSavageD7 50IRONMANHo9 FuryZerow PUR3DARK RumbleBo 16ShadeCorV0 BreakTower owlfierceDA metalFURY killaThe GrimWildfi Deceiver_Fi9 Irondrag 7MythlionIR1 BoulderWild dienightSlay Grotesqu STRIDEIro 05strongW COLDspirit Ironfist mecoldMYTH SCARBloodpel xoxFreakbr93 5Zerorebel84 rockLone 1fangBoyDw38 1GuthixFIE75 ZambrowZer 6FUSEStoutT9 fiercexxxPur ScarFangDe08 MithrilIron KNIGHTBoltC swornmetalsn Behemothmy 8BoulderSt12 Furycoloss TOWERLoneBoa FURYbrow 4SK1LLstron0 wizardBlow 5MAMMOTHth31 metalRage Bolttongue 6DECEIVERK63 helmcrow MythicHel KillRavenb blowColossal 209strikepuh gazescar PeltZAMMY BROWXXRAGE
    8. noCap


      Closed About each account -> No recovery emails set. -> Random appearances. -> Accounts made with human-like names. -> Accounts created on Residential IP's in United States. -> "email:password" format. Payment Methods/Prices OSRS GP | Paypal (gifted) 50k per account | 50 account minimum. or $0.05 per account | 50 account minimum. Account quantities offered in 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, or 1000. Contact Please contact me on discord or PM me first to see how many accounts I have available! Discord: Quavocado#3530 Terms of Service All sales are final. I am not responsible for any lost information, bans, or locked accounts after sale has occurred. You cover all PayPal fees. I will not be able to recover any account. All login information will be deleted after sale has occurred.
    9. selling 10 fresh accounts. all are activated and ready to start. they are made with a self destruct email so if you lose the password it cannot be recovered. make sure you use a safe VPN like sock5 so they will not get locked.
    10. Looking to buy some aged tutorial island accounts that were created w proxys. discord = b4nds#8191
    11. Buying OSRS accounts with skills between 20/20/20 and 50/50/50 (STR, ATT, DEF OR RANGE) PM me, on discord #0469 gus_2411
    12. Verified Accounts Shop ​ Tired of your accounts getting locked? Want to start a gold farm but don't have accounts with 7 quest points for quick trading? ​ The accounts will have: Seven quest points A verified email address, unique address for each account (Email account included in purchase, different mail providers used) The accounts are made on premium residential proxies with private scripts that have built in anti-ban features, with random profiling. These accounts almost never get locked, but even if they do you can unlock them with your verified email address in seconds. Usernames and account appearance are randomized to look like regular accounts. Price: 120k (per account) Minimum order: 20 accounts Currently accept PayPal and RSGP (Fee of 0.30$ for PayPal orders) My Contact information ​ Skype: Verifd.Accs Terms Of Service We are not responsible if your accounts get banned after the purchase and will not issue any refunds. You may have to show a valid ID and a verified PayPal screenshot during the purchase. You will have to pay for the accounts before you receive them (You can receive some accounts before the transaction to verify their legitimacy) If your account gets locked and the email address is somehow banned we will issue a refund or an account replacement for said account.​
    13. Selling Tutorial island Accounts Payment method Osrs Gold : 150k Each acc Paypal : 0.15$ Each acc Accounts in stock 20 Will Restock on Request
    14. I'm buying accounts with 30/30/30 melee stats, please contact me.
    15. I was creating botting accounts on my home ip and then putting them on a single proxy to suicide. I had two that got the "we suspect this account is stolen" message and I was able to recover them no problem. However, on the third locked account they don't give me the recovery link to my email, rather it's a long appeal form asking more in-depth questions. Tried removing browsing cache to maybe get the easy form again but it's still the one that requires all the other information. Would using the proxy for the account creation fix this issue? I'm assuming creating them on my home ip and using the proxy is what got them locked
    16. Hello, About the accounts: Each account is made on a unique IP address. Accounts have been cooled down for 4-7 days to avoid bans. Names/emails are created using real words. Lock rate on first login is below 3%. Pricing: DURING THE FIRST WEEK I WILL GIVE YOU 10% EXTRA ACCOUNTS FOR EACH PURCHASE! THE DISCOUNTED PRICE WILL BE APPLIED FOR 2 WEEKS! 1-50 accounts: 75k 70k ea 50-200 accounts: 70k 65k ea 200-500 accounts: 65k 60k ea 500+ accounts: 60k 55k ea I currently only accept RSGP. Other payment methods will be available later on. Contact: Skype: live:runoutrssales Terms: ​If any of the accounts are locked on purchase (I will check if they were), I will replace the accounts 1:1 (one new account for one locked). Accounts that have already been used (banned after the trade date) will not be refunded in any way. Reselling the accounts is forbidden. You will not ask me to do anything with the registration IP (attempting to recover the account, etc.). I have the right to refuse any business.
    17. I will be training accounts that will have : 5 Quests: Vampire Slayer Lost City Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree Stats: 70 attack, 70 strength and 70 defence My team and I will be training the accounts by hand so that it is NMZ ready. It will cost 30m / account, we will supply the bond and the supplies to complete the account in the bond time. The account will be completed at the end of the bond time, we will activate the bond when the account is ready to start. You shall pay the 30m first and then we will start the account. All the accounts are hand made by my team and I. Terms Of Service: The Service will start once the payment is completed. You must pay 30m per account. You shall not change the username or password whilst training is in progress. You shall not go onto the account whilst training is in progress. I am not responsible for any bans the account gets on the account. Skype: Franciis Discord: Frannnaldo#9615 Please message me on skype if you are interested in the service.
    18. WIP current planned accounts: 60/60/60 70/60/60 66 magic with and without hp/def levels 70/70/70 nmz ready 7qp current stock: nothing Please comment the type of accounts you are looking for and ill maby start making them and offering them in the shop All accounts will for now be bought in as level 3 tut done accounts so im not the original owner il only be buying these accounts from very trusted memebers to train and resell with my private scripts
    19. Hey guys, I run an Account shop here on Dreambot and I'm kinda out of ideas. I need new ones and now I'm looking for your opinion on what kind of accounts you want to see? What kind of accounts are the ones that are most sellable and most efficient? What kind of account would you like to buy if you are looking after one? All ideas and comments are welcomed! Kind Regards, Snax&co https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/11225-%E2%98%85snaxs-1-account-shop-premium-quality-trusted-restock/
    20. No Space For Orders Selling Combat Accounts skilling accounts Price negotiable STOCK selling 20 accounts with 7 QP Price-negotiable (i bought TUT accounts from prime and LycenTheDead) links to account being sold none Things to know not all accounts are all ready made, some i premake, some i dont. If you ask i can make a special order same price as the premade ones unless you need it sooner then the time i set i am only 1 man i can only make so many accounts at a time all accounts that are botted to lvl will have a 3 day break Terms of condition i am not responsible for the accounts getting banned/locked 24 hours after the trade is complete you go first or use middleman if account is stolen from someone that had account info after trade is complete (middleman) i am not responsible you will give me feedback with in 7 days of sale Payment osrs GP 1m:1$ BTC 50$ or more (unless using coinbase) paypal (trusted users) Contact Me discord: Gnar#9202 PM
    21. NOT SELLING BOTS ANYMORE ! Stil 4 bots left, if that. All different usernames, emails and IP's. Selling them all for 150k. PM me if interested.
    22. Hello everyone, Just wanted to inform you about the latest update of Cipher Accounts. Changelog: 1.1 Fixed tabs bug Master password option More user friendly 1.0 Initial release Please note: it may take a couple of days for the script to update on SDN
    23. Selling 30 Handmade tutorial done accounts for 105k each 1. All stats are lvl 1 2. Accounts have 0 bans/mutes 3. Accounts have 0 QP 4. Accounts have 0 wealth 5. Minimum bid is 105k 6. Autowin is 105k 7. Payment method is 07 gp 8. Don't really need middleman 9. Im the original owner Not going first unless you have +5 Positive feedback PM me on Discord: Jewkins#8746 SOLD, OUT OF STOCK
    24. Almonds


      Edited by Nezz - most sales in this thread are against the rules.
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