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    1. Server: https://discord.gg/6NcJ2f72Wq Revenant Account: Comes with registered email or is unregistered! Zulrah: Unregistered email Regicide completed Mules: Unregistered email Between 10-15 QP 400 TTL+ 82 Fishers: Unregistered email 82 Fishing 60 Melees + 43+ Prayer Unregistered email 60+ melees 43+ prayer Contact: Server: https://discord.gg/6NcJ2f72Wq Discord:Robin#8888 UID:282222812289171456 TOS:
    2. Account Shop Account Info: Unregistered Emails, Random Human-like names, Unique Account IP's (UK/GB or US/USA) Lvl 3 accounts with 6-7 days of membership, no trade restriction. Price: $1 Click here for discord server F2P Bot Starter - 150+ level - 10+ qp Price: $1.2 Click here for discord server 40/40/40 Price: $3 Click here for discord server 70/70/70 Price: $12 Click here for discord server
    3. Price: $15 Each Bulk Discount: $12.50 Each (3 or more accounts) Only accepting crypto and rsgp Zero blackmarks! Unregistered Emails, Original Passwords, Made on USA ISPs and I am the original owner of these accounts. I won't be going first however using a middleman is fine. You can PM me or contact me through discord @ Downer#9737
    4. Checks the status of all specified accounts from the .txt file and saves results to specified directory. Features Easy format (username:password) Specify your own directory where results will be saved Creates three separate text files at the output directory Instructions/Pictures First, click on the >Account File< button Locate your .txt file which contains accounts you want to check Next click on the >Output< button Locate the directory where you want results to be saved Check if everything is in order Click on the >Start< button to start the script Quickstart Accepts 2 parameters. 1. Account text file path 2. Output directory path java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "Debela's Account Checker" -params INPUT_FILE_PATH OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_PATH Example: java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "debelamuha's Account Checker" -params C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\c.txt C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\AccountChecker\\ NOTE: USE TWO BACKSLASHES WHEN SPECIFYING INPUT AND OUTPUT PATHS Get yours now! NOTE: Locked accounts will be treated as disabled accounts. Also, use non-member worlds.
    5. Hi guys this is one of my all around accounts I am original owner so no need to worry about anybody recovering the account. Account is 8.5 years old and also I am still currently working on finishing the quests so you won't have to worry about questing so price will just keep going up as I progress more on it until it's all yours! Account will also come with 1M OSGP + 20M+ bank in items Contact info: message me either here or on discord at DallasNation214#5509 Serious Buyers only! I accept Cash App, Paypal, or Venmo AND OSRSGP Hmu to throw me an offer Full Graceful set Dragon defender fire cape Slayer helm Kandarin tasks completed up to HARD Morytania tasks completed up to HARD Lumbridge & Draynor tasks completed up to MEDIUM Varrock tasks completed up to MEDIUM Ardougne tasks completed up to EASY Falador tasks completed up to EASY All other diaries non-related as of now
    6. If you need accounts to test any method, I have several unused, I could offer them they do not have trade restrictions, they were already a member
    7. New to botting, I want to make a secondary account but dont want to put another 500+ hours into training by hand ( my arthritis wouldnt like that lol) any recommendations for scripts that will automate the process. I'm hoping to bot to base 80 stats to begin with if possible. I'll do questing by hand to reduce chances of ban hopefully.
    8. I'm after fresh level 3 accounts, ideally older accounts, willing to pay gp or cash. Or just fresh hand levelled accounts that haven't been locked, leave your offers below!
    10. Services I offer Account leveling, Bot making, MM, and Customs. I DO NOT OFFER FIRE CAPES Rates are reasonable Pm me on Discord: Bucket#8431 Trying to become an active member of this community.
    11. If anyone here sells accounts hit my inbox!
    12. Hey everyone, I've got a F2P pure for sale! Selling template as follows: Stats of the account - See attached screenshot (40 attk, 89 str, 1 def, 74 range, 31 prayer) Account status (bans, mutes) - See attached screenshot (one offense that was almost 5 months ago) Login screen - See attached screenshot (11 days of membership left) Quests (completed) - See attached screenshot (10 QP) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) - See attached screenshot (Approx. 10M worth of items) Minimum bid (price to start bids) - $20 Paypal Autowin - $45 Paypal Payment method - Paypal Trading conditions (middleman) - Expect buyer to go first unless it is a verified trader on here. Middleman is perfectly fine too. Previous owners (if any) - N/A
    13. Hello all! I am a new seller. I am selling lvl 3 tutorial island completed accounts for only 70k each I am setting my price low to gain customers as I am new to this market note: All accounts were created with a proxy rotation and all accounts have not been active in over a week. Bulk Purchase Please pm me for prices for bulk purchase. Orders over 50+ must pm. DISCLAIMER Once the transaction is complete and the account is in your possession PLEASE change the email and password. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your account once you own it. Please message me if you have questions about ANYTHING. I will be glad to help. Look forward to doing business with all of you guys!
    14. Account made in 20 Mostly played f2p for fun. No botting , No bans nothing Not very high skill levels or anything but decent Acc details - https://imgur.com/a/Q6ql05R (ignore the osrs image) Want to sell it for whatever the hell i can
    15. Hello, is there any TOS for DreamBot other than this one when signing up https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/terms/? I want to delete any data on the admin side that you guys might be holding. It would be safer for players like me who want to keep their information private, in the cases of data breaches or leaks. There doesn't seem to be any TOS on what collection you guys have on your end. Such as tying RS account names to dreambot forum names, and also IP locations tied to your forum account, etc. Can the admins make a clear post on what they collect datawise? Maybe if not you can give us the option of deleting that data? I've seen multiple threads about account deletion for the forums, but most of them are ignored. I would like to delete an older account I have that I don't use anymore along with any sort of data tied to it. Can an admin help me out? I've used your client for a long time and I appreciate the work you do. Please give us this option. This would make users feel safer about using your client. Edit: Something like this along with deleting any database info you guys might have on local machines would be great. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7611-delete-my-account/
    16. ⭐ Welcome to to alles 66 magic account shop Status: Online ⭐ Prices: each account includes member between 7-13 days left ⭐ Price of a bond: 4M Prices: 1 acc 7.5m 2 accs: 7.25m 5+ accs: 7m 10+ accs negotiable ⭐ My accounts are:⭐ 66 magic and between 15-40 hp or 66 magic 30 def/30hp + made on a private ip adress no bans and no email ⭐ Reasons to choose me? ⭐ *im trying to beat all competition giving the best prices in this market* *fast and easy delivery* *accounts rested* *Made on a private residential ip and leveld on a private proxy* ⭐ Payment methods: ⭐ Btc/Eth/Ltc/Osrs gp ⭐ Contact me at: ⭐ Skype: live:alle.rsgold Discord: alle#8168 sky
    17. Hello, I'm selling tutorial complete accounts. Pricing: 1-50: 95k, 50-200: 85k 200-1000: 75k 1000+: 70k Regarding prices with cryptos and their types, please contact me. Contact: Skype: live:theblurper (I am more available through skype) Discord: TheBlurper#2654 Quality: I use 300-400 of these accounts daily myself and haven't run into any problems. Information: Accounts have human-ish names and emails (no randomly generated letter sequences) Cooled down for 7 days (then re-checked for locks/bans) I will not help you recovering the accounts as I do not store any information about them other than the login details. You can contact me regarding bans on any of the accounts and if they happened BEFORE the sell date, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is banned BEFORE the sell date. (I cannot check WHEN has the been locked, so different terms apply to that) If you report any LOCKED accounts to me withing 6 hours of your purchase, I will refund you/give you new accounts for each account that is locked. I am not responsible for any locks/bans on the accounts after the dates mentioned above. Trading: I will go first to people I deem trusted, otherwise you go first or we use a MM at YOUR expense.
    18. Hiya, I'm looking for a skiller with a high stat (ideally 92+ mining is what I would love), but anything that I can use to make some gp on the side would be great. I don't mind a botted account so long as it hasn't been botted for a while and isn't at risk of an upcoming ban. An account with a previous 2 day ban is fine, I don't really mind how recent it was. Also could possibly be interested in an account close to 92 mining. Budget is around 30m OSRS, but I can go higher if the account deserves it and I'm happy to have a discussion about price. Happy to go first to trusted users or otherwise we can use an MM. Post or PM me anything you have! Thanks!
    19. Zawok's Tut Island Shop Tut Island Completed Accounts -Regular price : 70k ea. -50k ea if stock not in demand. Accepted Payment : -Osrs only (For the moment) Accounts info Locked accounts will be replaced within 1 hour after trade. For bigger orders ( 2k + ) we will determinate the replacement time. Each account is created on residential rotating proxy. You are responsible for the items you store on the accounts, no items will be replaced. We are not responsible for any banned/locked/disabled account after the replacement time passed out. Schedule 15:30 - 22:00 (week days) All day week-ends (US East) Contact -Discord - Click -Forum - Click -Do not post on this topic for accounts
    20. Hello I am thinking about getting back to botting in osrs.I would like to know if now is there some kind of trade restriction for new accounts? I plan on doing suicide botting,like 10 hours straight ahead.Will i be aable to trade the stuff/money to my mule? Thanks!
    21. kreaush

      Account delete

      Hi, I'd like to delete this account, as I already have another account and I want to change that account to this display name. I can't find the option to delete account anywhere.
    22. SOLD Hi everyone! I want to sell my OSRS account. I think everything on pictures. Login : Quest Points: Skills : Ban meter : Untradable stuffs : ( i forgot screenshoot the agility helmet, and the wintertodt set without pet) I hope you like it, and we can deal! Minimum bid : ~30$ on paypal SOLD
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