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    1. Hi, I'm looking at having Monkey madness, Desert treasure and Dragon slayer completed, as well as all sub quests. I'm aware this will cost a fair amount, which I'm willing to pay, if it's a fair price. How much RSGP would you be looking at? Thanks.
    2. Got banned using Tribots free woodcutter. Swapped over to Dreambot when somebody recommended it to me, immediately started using this script, botted from 1-75 within 36 hours, no ban as of yet. Taking a day or two break now, for obvious reasons. Script is absolutely flawless 10/10.
    3. Howm uch RSGP would you be looking at and what currency, Classic I take it?
    4. Not going to need work to start until around the 26th August, However I'm looking at getting price quotes for someone to quest my account, completing most necessary quests for a pure. Including monkey madness, the account currently has 10 QP's. I can pay cash or RSGP. Thanks.
    5. Would like to try the script if possible, seriously interested. What's the ban ratio like? I know you can never say never. Thanks. ...
    6. How often would you reccommend setting breaks etc?
    7. Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a ton of scrips on the go, are there any 0% ban ratio scripts or as near to that as possible? The price of the script isn't a concern. Thank you very much.
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