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    1. mining in itself is a high ban rate since its one off the few skill that can make meh gp in f2p example clay is 1 mining requirement and its like 158gp so in itself a few k off those could make one mil which might be hard in f2p to do.
    2. chances are ur gonna be waiting a while unless u have some other form of contacting him since he's last came on this site since may 13
    3. what are u apying for these accounts?
    4. sht keep us updated I'm back on the forums n need the motivation to get back in it
    5. it could also be that its the weekend just an fyi since ur new to botting n what not
    6. if ur accs are f2p they dont tend to last long probably btw 10-18 hrs and cleqan and forget about them plain and simple in member if ur going to bot do soem research try and experiment, most ppl lost before they gained its a hard journey but if u dont quit you will see the benefits/profits of ur time
    7. hey hash ur new update affected the location im usign the script it activates run even when its tryign to bank
    8. yes please fix papa nezz
    9. what arti said or if anything and ur still staying one attack bot on monks sicne they heal and what not
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