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    1. i mean max distance when i can use local pathfinders.
    2. its use local pathfinders . LocalPath<Tile> test2 = Walking.getDijPathFinder().calculate(start, finish); java.util.Map<Tile,PathObstacle> testpo = test2.obstacles(); java.util.Map<Tile,PathObstacle> testpo = test2.obstacles(); MethodProvider.log("testpo size + " + testpo.size() ); for(java.util.Map.Entry item : testpo.entrySet()){ MethodProvider.log("testpo tile + " + item.getKey()); PathObstacle potest = testpo.get(item.getKey()); MethodProvider.log("potest getName() + " + potest.getName()); MethodProvider.log("potest getAction() + " + potest.getAction()); }
    3. What is the maximum distance for found a localpath to Tile ?
    4. "etClickablePoint()" its some random point on Object?
    5. Is it safe to use the standard Web walking? in terms of antiban.
    6. nCH

      Login server IP

      Which IP or domain does the login client use? I need this for the proxy service sharing settings
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