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    1. Actually thinking about that now, that does make sense Pandemic - Thank you. It was late last night and as I said I am a noob so I was just happy to have no errors when building the project! Ill play about with the settings and keep testing to see how it goes.
    2. The author of this probably won't see this but even as a noob scripter I have managed to implement the anti-ban into my script. Thank you so much. I had to change quite a few things (Started off with about 100 errors/warnings) but most of these were simple changes to the Dreambot API since 2018 (such as getMouse() becoming static under Mouse). The main one I struggled with was: s.getRandomManager().disableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); You have to create a new RandomManager using the below (Thread is Thread.currentThread(), s is a reference to this script in your variables at the top) RandomManager rm = new RandomManager(Thread.currentThread(), s); rm.disableSolver(RandomEvent.LOGIN); As I said I am a novice scripter but have managed to get this working. If anyone is trying and struggling, please DM me and I can try to help.
    3. Thank you so much @pakruojinis! I had been googling for the issue but it didn't find that page. I have now got it working without the errors. Incase others have the issue, I just want to point out the context I am using (As Intellij suggested some changes) TaskScript - Key part is the Try statement. This is what IntelliJ suggested. GUI Script - The IntelliJ suggestion was to add throw InterruptedException, InvocationTargetException parts. Hope this helps someone!
    4. Hey guys Quick update from me. I have got the GUI to appear now (see screenshot). I still have the errors in the console (including the extremely large one) 18:29:35: [WARN] This script's GUI is causing performance issues. I think I need to do the SwingUtilities#invokeLater around my method but not sure exactly the context.
    5. Hi everyone! I am new to the community and relatively new to scripting for OSRS. I have setup a taskScript that works quite well and I was wanting to expand on the script by adding a GUI with user input. I am using Intellij's Swing UI Designer to create the form, then writing the code to run this on the associated class and my taskScript. Whenever I try running this, I get the error in Dreambot: 16:03:02: [WARN] This script's GUI is causing performance issues. Followed by an extremely long error of: Could one of you help me understand why? (Sorry if this is a noob question, I have done some searching but couldn't find anything to fix this myself). Relevant source code below: TaskScript: GUI Script Image uploaded of the form designer. Many thanks in advance for any help
    6. Hey Holic! Great script, thanks for providing this for free. I have found one minor issue though, if you are safe spotting it can get stuck on the "Level up" dialogue box. I assume you do not account for this and that when you getting hit it gets rid of the dialogue automatically? I am new to scripting myself so just trying to help you create the best scripts you can. Let me know if you need any further information. Happy to help Edit: Upon further testing the issue doesn't happen very often but I did notice it happen a couple of times when it moved the mouse off the screen.
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