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    1. trash script, cant detect when out of planks. just constantly tries to build without supplies.
    2. Ring Of Recoil: I agree a 15% markup is perfectly reasonable. hence why I mentioned it. but can confirm it does buy for 86k each on rings of recoil. it did it again for a quantity of 11. And forgot to mention it does this for the ring of wealth as well, making it 146k. seems that these two items for me are the only ones marked up around 115%. again, not a big deal as it'll never buy for that price. just thought id mention it. Serp Helm: I guess I'm still in the nooby phase of Zulrah and didn't account for cost for serp helm upkeep vs just 1 inv slot. thus I retract my statement. thanks for clarifying, I was wrong. I'll upgrade to Armadyl helm and Ancestral Hat per recommendation. Ring Of Suffering: thank so much!!! It will definitely speed up GP per hour not having to constantly select 2 rings of recoil. Trident of Swamp: I'm an idiot and typed the wrong thing, was watching script, juggling a show and typing stuff here so I just had a brain fart XD. I was using trident of swamp except for my first 4 kills, noticed the dps was about the same at my lvl. atm using either is fine with me, definitely not a make or break it without having extra weapons. Zulrah Tele Drops: admittedly this was the make it or break it issue, and you fixing it after only a few hours (ofc live after admin approves), makes me feel very comfortable purchasing this bot! when it become live I will definitely be supporting you! Thanks for your hard work and quick reply, and thank you for the opportunity to have a trial run. it seriously makes a difference in purchasing scripts! look forward to your Vorkath and all upcoming scripts!
    3. After the 4 hour trial, here's my experience and opinion: Its a pretty good bot! however there are a few inefficiencies I've seen. as well as a few concerning factors. 1. when purchasing items. it sets the buy price to an obnoxiously high price. something like rings of recoil shouldn't be put in GE for 86k for 1 ring... not like it'll buy at 86k, but a 15% markup is reasonable for a fluctuating market.. for people with low cash stacks. having a buy order of 40 rings of recoil at 86k ea taking 3m total. I could see some people getting errors about insufficient funds when that isn't the case.. 2. it doesn't use a serpentine helm. which would save an inventory space for anti-venoms. allowing for more food/potions. and thus longer trips, being able to only do 1, rarely 2 kills per trip at 80 range, mage, & 91hp is low for a KC per inventory. I am using a trident of the swamp, ancestral top and bottom. eternal boots, imbued god cape, ahrims hood (bots choice), occult, ward. range is blowpipe, armadyl chest and skirt, assembler, pegasian boots, anguish, and god d'hide coif (again, that was bots choice). i feel like this is decent gear for at least 2 kills per inv. 3.it doesn't use Rings of Suffering (ri) I don't want to unimbue my ring, take the hit in points, just to test if that's the issue. it would save an inventory spot to be able to use an imbued ring of suffering with recoils attached. plus it would save time from not having to constantly select a ring, then equip, get the rest of the inventory, close the bank only to go back into it to grab a second backup ring. highly inefficient and high risk for detection. id make better use of banking & restocking via one bank opening. gear can be equipped via the bank, and other scripts use this for time efficiency (my Slayer script equips gear from the bank, its super fast!). 4. it does not detect enhanced versions of staffs. example it bought a trident of the seas as it couldn't recognize my Toxic staff of swamp (e) which was fully charged. I don't see why it wouldn't, being as it only helps DPS and changes nothing but the name, dps, and max charges. 5. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE. when receiving zulrah teleports as a drop (which is pretty consistent), it does not bank them. the issue that lies with this is when gearing back up. it doesn't have the 1 teleport used to clear an inventory spot. when swapping from trident to blowpipe, it cannot do so and clicks over and over again. eventually you'd take damage, eat. then a spot becomes available. BUT... this is totally detectable as a bot.. and it only takes one zulrah telle drop to causes this indefinite loop. either bank the tele's or let the script recognize it needs an empty inv space to swap gearsets. Conclusion: I would 100% buy this bot every month if theses changes where made. atm it requires babysitting, I'm not comfortable leaving the bot to run without me checking in on it every 15 or so. however it does run very well when it doesn't meet the above issues, and would run more efficiently if recommendations where taken into account. have not died once nor came close (from my knowledge)
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