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    1. Any quests coming soon? Great script, however it won’t complete a tail of two cats for some reason
    2. Bad script, went looking for a spade for a quest for ages with 1 in inventory, walked all over the game for Vampyre slayer
    3. So slow... takes like 10seconds to decide to build a table. Awful XP rates
    4. @Pandemic Ah sorry about that, I forgot my old account name as its been a few years. Is there a way to transfer the bots I bought to one account then?
    5. Hey, I botted a few years ago with Dreambot and had a different account with a few bots on it, One I really want to use is the NMZ bot which I paid for, is there a way to transfer my bought bots over or login to that account on the client? I can't find a way to switch
    6. I’m 72 fishing and only getting 29-34k per hour xp using barbarian rod by barbarian place. This is really bad- I think it’s taking a while to drop tbe items
    7. Also if you try fix any issues, it'll then go to tree patches with just the saplings and bug out
    8. Scripts broken, keeps teleporting to misc, doesn't rake the patch then tps back to GE and repeats
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