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    1. good research material thank you
    2. wickedness thanks for the update
    3. Decided to release V2 of my Giant Rat Killer, as im not happy with it and ill be rewriting the entire thing myself Preview: Github: https://github.com/FrostTorrents/GiantRatKillerV2 Bugs and todo left: Redo looting & attack Looting wont loot until a few rats are dead Attack is just bad.
    4. mind reupping the videos on https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13077-videobeginner-to-advanced-scripting-tutorials/ if you still have them, thank you :)

      1. FakePlant


        if you could share them again that would be amazing

      2. Gorn


        I think he took them down because they are DB2.

    5. pures suggestion is good advice, its not that hard to do well only requirement is remembering some of db's api lol
    6. ok i see, script runs but when it banks it only deposits 1 vial and withdraws 2 more potions, it also spams 4/5 for some reason
    7. i just purchased it, ill test it and what not, if you want faster response from me add me on discord
    8. 99.9% of credit goes to Beemer 00.1% to myself. all i did was replace some id's and cords. i may add ranging and magic xp to it come to think about it. script needs a little bit of polish work, but i did test it and it does afk attack and reset somewhat correctly lol, if you get banned not my issue dont bot on a main. https://github.com/FrostTorrents/MrKrabs i will continue to work on this version id gladly accepted other contributions.
    9. I have an extra 40 day RuneScape redeem code that ill give out, Requirements Winner: Aeglen I'm also doing this because of my accounts age lol There will be no winner if only 1 person comments.
    10. i was muling "if you call giving my bot like 5m muling lol, nonetheless ill be waiting
    11. would highly recommend only suicide botting using this script, got 1 account perm banned and my main temp banned wasn't even logged in lol. great script just needs better anti-detection.
    12. it wont continue after trial ends lol you will need to reset client.
    13. lol should have made an intro awhile ago nonetheless im glad to be back.
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